How do I get my digital business card?

Place your order

Choose from our 4 options, which include your digital card only or your digital card + NFC card, place your order, and fill out the form with the information you want to include on your digital card. 

We Build your card

As soon as we receive your order along with the information to be included on your digital card, we will start working on it. You should ensure that the information is correct.

Tap or Scan

Once you receive your digital business card along with the NFC card, they'll be ready for immediate use. Just tap your NFC card on any mobile device, and you'll instantly be directed to your digital card.

Every digital card includes:

Color customization

Design customization with the colors that represent your brand or business. 

Logo, photo, and title

You can include your logo, professional photo, and your title or designation (e.g., CEO, sales representative, etc.).

Contact Information

Provide your contact details along with call-to-action buttons (featuring direct links for calling, emailing, WhatsApp, and social media). Additionally, your prospects can effortlessly save your contact information directly to their mobile phones with just a tap. 

Schedule and location

Incorporate your business hours, address, and office location with Google Maps.

Contact Form

Make it easy for your prospects to reach out to you. Include a contact form where you can receive prospect information directly to your email. 

Photo and video gallery

You can include photos of your work, services, or inventory (up to 20 photos). You can also include videos from YouTube or Vimeo. 

*You can add 20 additional photos for $15


You can add buttons or links that redirect to your social media accounts, lead forms, appointment scheduling, PayPal, ATH Móvil Business, etc. 

QR Code

Easily share your digital card using a QR code that your prospects can scan from their mobile phones.

Explore our options

Choose the plan that best suits you

FREE SHIPPING when you buy 3 Or More NFC Cards



$ 65
  • Get the link to your digital business card within 3 to 5 business days. You can share it via the link or by scanning the QR code.

    Annual renewal $25

Digital Card + NFC

$ 90
  • Get your digital business card along with an NFC card featuring your company logo printed on one side and a QR code on the back. By tapping a mobile device, the NFC card will take your client or prospect to your digital card.

    Annual renewal $25

Digital Card + NFC

$ 110
  • Get your digital card along with a white NFC card featuring your company logo printed on one side and a QR code on the back. When you touch a mobile device, the NFC card will direct you to your digital card.

    Annual renewal $25

Digital Card + NFC Custom

$ 145
  • Receive your digital business card along with a customized NFC card featuring your details. By tapping a mobile device, the NFC card will direct your clients and prospects to your digital card.

    Annual renewal $25

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the purchase of the Digital Business Card include the NFC Card?

It will depend on the plan you ordered. Our plan, "Digital Card," only includes the digital card, which you can share through a link or QR code. The rest of our plans include the NFC card.

How do I share my Digital Business Card with the NFC Card?

There are two ways to share your profile with the NFC Card, depending on the device (Android or iPhone). For Android devices, bring the NFC card to the central back of the mobile device. For iPhone devices, bring the NFC card to the top (front or back) of the mobile device.

Is any app required for my Digital Card to work?

No application is required. By bringing the card close to a phone with NFC technology, the link to your Digital Card will appear instantly. Additionally, on the back of the card, you will find a QR code that redirect to your Digital Business Card when scanned by a mobile device. 

Is there any monthly or annual cost?

To keep the service active, all plans require an annual fee of $25.

Why does the NFC card have a QR code printed on it?

If the person you're sharing your profile with doesn't have NFC technology on their phone, they can scan the QR code to access your Digital Business Card directly. 

Does the NFC card has warranty?

The Digital Card comes with a one-year warranty on its "contactless" programming. If the card stops sending signals to other devices, contact us via email at And we will replace it. It's important to note that the warranty does not cover printing, as with all identification or credit cards, printing may wear off over time depending on usage. Only the shipping costs will be required.

Can I make changes to my Digital Business Card after it has been created?

Upon purchasing your Digital Card, we include a complimentary update during the first year. Additional changes after the first year incur a fee of $20 which you can pay at the "Shop" tab of our website. Then, you can send us the details of the changes to our email address and we will publish them within 2 to 6 business days. and we will take care of it.

What is the delivery method?

All orders will be shipped exclusively via USPS Priority Mail. Once the order is processed, a tracking number will be provided. The customer is responsible for providing the correct postal address for delivery. We are not responsible for unclaimed or lost orders.

We are part of a company. Is it possible to place orders in large quantities for a group of our employees?

Of course, contact us at +1 (787) 315-6330 or email us at to provide you with a quote. All quotes provided will be valid for 30 days.

What happens to our employees' digital business card and NFC card if they cease working with us?

If someone from your company stops working with you, please contact us at with the details of the departing employee. We will proceed to deactivate their Digital Business Card and NFC Card.